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Tim hortons LAHORE

tim hortons lahore-tim hortons pakistan

by moeedrajpoot
Tim hortons LAHORE

Tim hortons LAHORE

Tim Hortons, Canada’s iconic coffee and baked good brand established in 1964,

TIM HORTONS OPENED their first store in Phase 6, DHA Lahore, on February 11, 2023,

Many people including showbiz stars, food bloggers, and famous celebrities went and took part in the inauguration of this international brand.
The addition of an international brand in Lahore is great as Lahore is also known as the best place for foodies.

TIM HORTONS LAHORE breaks the global record of highest opening  day sales in

61 years since the brand, the world must be laughing at us, we are on the brink of default,

and our people are dying of hunger but let’s enjoy an overpriced cup of coffee

the small cup will cost you RS650(2.40 dollars) and check out the lines outside of the store.

Tim hortons lahore

Tim hortons lahore

yet we say there is no money and we beg the world to give us money. long space, packed hall, no space in parking,

almost chaotic,

shame on the govt of Pakistan,


Two Nation theory of #Jinnah.

The reality! It was not about Hindus and Muslims but the Elite & Poor, Fauj & Awam, Rulers & Subjects, Kings & Paupers. India got rid of feudalism & in Pakistan, it has 1000 lives & millions of faces. The poor lineup for Flour, Elite for Tim Hortons

The actual problem  is 


RICH is rich enough to stand in a queue at tim hortons and the poor are poorer to get a bag of flour

REASON; corruption, capitalism, poor flow of wealth in society



Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest coffee chain with more than 5300 restaurants across 14 countries. The restaurant has three outlets currently, one in DHA Phase 6 and two in Gulberg (launching on February 18 and February 25 respectively). It is expected to launch two more within this year in Lahore. The flagship outlet, DHA Phase 6, boasts a seating of more than 150 people over 8000 square feet, a first of its kind for any coffee shop in Pakistan.

The company was founded in 1964 in HamiltonOntario, by Canadian hockey player Tim Horton (1930–1974) and Jim Charade (1934–2009),

READ MORE ARTICLES;https://factslover.com/what_is_imf/

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