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40 simple habits to make your life better

40 simple habits to make your life better habits which can change your life style

by moeedrajpoot

40 simple habits to make your life better

  1. we talk a lot about habits and self-improvement

sometimes it takes a considerable effort to change your lifestyle but occasionally small changes

in your life makes your life easy  and comfortable and little changes in your life

may have a positive effect on your daily routine.

for example;

  1. We should never expect anything from anyone.
  2. Read  books in your free time
  3. Spend some quality time with your family and friends
  4. Cancel a subscription you don’t use
  5. Throw out the things which you don’t use
  6. Take a long drive
  7. Plan something fun for the weekend
  8. Pray
  9. Plant a tree
  10. Make your bed
  11. Talk less
  12. Eat some fruits
  13. Forgive everyone
  14. Exercise
  15. Try to help someone
  16. Take a good photo of yourself
  17. Look for chances to say thank you
  18. Drink a glass of water
  19. Plan a vacation
  20. Make a list of things that makes you happy
  21. Take vitamins
  22. Sleep well
  23. Go outside
  24. Eat fresh vegetables
  25. Take a deep breath
  26. Water some plant
  27. Delete a bunch of old SMS and emails
  28. Try to paint
  29. Fix something broken
  30. Clean your wardrobe
  31. Drink fresh juice
  32. Try meditation
  33. Sing
  34. Memorize a joke
  35. Say a prayer for someone who has died
  36. Learn about new things
  37. Floss
  38. Take pictures of things you don’t want to forget
  39. Please share this list with someone who might enjoy and get benefit from it.


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