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15 Amazing Beauty Hacks You Should Know About

by moeedrajpoot
15 Amazing Beauty Hacks You Should Know About

15 Amazing Beauty Hacks You Should Know About

Everybody wants to look, beautiful and pretty. if you look pretty it helps you boost your internal energy and self-confidence, which helps to relax your mind and make you feel happy and fresh.

every woman wants to look beautiful but using too many cosmetics can damage your skin. To prevent ourselves from using too many cosmetics we should always go for beauty hacks.

Beauty hacks will drastically change your skin routine and will help your skin to glow and look fresh.

15 Amazing Beauty Hacks You Should Know About

beauty hacks and tips

so here are 15 amazing beauty hacks that will help you look more beautiful.

Removal of dark circles

dark circles can be caused because of sleepless nights or fatigue in order to remove dark circles apply coconut oil and coffee grounds once a week

Makeup  remover hack 

the best makeup remover you can use is coconut oil apply coconut oil on your face, massage your face and then remove it gently with a clean and soft cloth.

Nails cleaning hack 

in order to clean your nails you can apply any toothpaste on your nails and scrub them well with the help of a brush and then apply any essential oil with the help of cotton as it can help to moisturize your nails.

Cellulite hack 

in order to get rid of cellulite apply the affected area with a mixture of water and mustard oil.

Smooth legs hack

if you want smooth legs apply the mixture of sugar caramel and lemon juice as this will help to remove hairs and will make your legs smooth and soft.

Stronger nails hack 

if you want your nails to be strong rub garlic at the tips of your nails as it will help to grow your nails faster and make them strong.

Hair shining hack

to make your hair looks shiny apply the mixture of egg yogurt and mayonnaise keep it for half an hour and wash your hair.

Removal of blackheads

to remove blackheads apply the mixture of white flour and honey and leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it this hack will eliminate blackheads from the skin.

Dark armpits hack

to enlighten your armpits apply  potato juice t your armpits

Sunburn hack

if you are having sunburn Soak in a bath with some baking soda to soothe the discomfort and pain due to sunburns.

Hack for Thick Eyelashes:

Take castor oil, aloe Vera gel, and a vitamin E capsule, and mixed them. Make a mixture and apply it on the eyelashes at bedtime .next morning eyelashes look much thicker.

Get Rid Of Rough Skin on the Heels

Make a Mixture of apple cider vinegar, water, and baking soda and apply it on the skin of the rough heels to soften it.

Hair Cleaning Hack

add sea salt to your shampoo before the bath and use it daily. after this, your hair looks clean.

White teeth hack

Take a strawberry and a little amount of baking soda and make a mixture .rub your teeth with this mixture it makes your teeth white and shiny.

Fresh Facial skin hack

Rub an Aloe Vera Gel daily on your face

Saggy breast

Take some Vaseline and rub it on your breasts daily at night this will increase the elasticity and helps to boost the breast.


Lip plumper

Take some peppermint oil and dab it on your lips with soft hands this will naturally help to plump your lips.


Hacks For Clean Facial Skin

Combine some activated charcoal powder with some gelatin and water, cook on low heat, and apply to your face as soon as it cools. On a daily basis, repeat.

Cover up stray grey hairs hack

Put brown or black mascara on your grey hair this will help you to cover grey hair.

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