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10 hidden Features of windows 11

10 hidden Features of windows 11 Features You Must Know

by moeedrajpoot
10 hidden Features of Windows 11

10 hidden Features of Windows 11

10 hidden Features of Windows 11

10 hidden Features of Windows 11

10 hidden Features of windows 11 Features You Must Know
How many of you have installed the new Windows 11 on your PCs?
  • In the event that you have Windows 10, you can redesign it free of charge and there are many including me who have made it happen!
  • A considerable lot of our office PCs have likewise been moved up to Windows 11!
    By how companions, Windows 11 isn’t simply a sight to behold! I mean the UI is altogether different and changed at this point.
  • It seems to be a portable UI! Yet, many elements have been added that are awesome and helpful to me!
    What’s more, there are a few things in the event that you could do without an element then you can keep it like the Windows 10 component.
  • So there are numerous things and so the title expresses that there are numerous Windows 11 elements that you probably won’t be aware of!
  • Also, you ought to utilize them! We should begin and not burn through any additional time.
    In the event that you partake in the video, do hit LIKE and Buy-in!
  • Taskbar – Companions, it’s the greatest visual change in Windows 11. All symbols have come to the middle that was on the left before.
  • It seems to be macOS, however in the event that you could do without it, not at all like a considerable lot of them who do. However, in the event that you don’t and need it on the left like Windows 10,
  • then, you can without a doubt get it going. You just have to go to Settings>Personalization>Taskbar>Taskbar Behaviours> And pick – Left Taskbar Plan.

    Additionally, it’ll get back as it was in advance in Windows 10!
    Did you know about this?
    Likewise, mates, this personalization area has various things in it that you can change according to your inclinations!
    Various things can be ostensibly proficient including their work. So proceed to concentrate on Settings>Personalization.
    I especially like your adaptable’s “Middle Mode”, it comes in Windows 11 too!
    Focus Mode – If you really want no alerts or anything accepting for the time being that you’re gaming on your PC, etc, where you would prefer not to fly off the handle,
    for sure the Middle Mode has appeared and you can change which alerts can be allowed and which are not!
    It’s the hour of WFH and normally you’re achieving some work and there are various distractive alerts.
    It’s very disturbing for my circumstance and I assuredly use the Middle Mode and it benefits me!
    Friends, Windows 10 had substitute ways which were incredible! Right when you go to the Starting menu, you see envelopes there that you could use.

  • I without a doubt used them and when I presented Windows 11, I couldn’t find them yet there’s a way.
    Expecting you really want a couple of envelopes like – Downloads, Pictures, etc.
  • Envelopes On Start – These coordinators that you really want to stall to regularly can be out to the Starting menu.
  • It’s genuine direct, go to Settings>Personalization>Start>Folders, and you can pick various things in it like, Record Explorer, Chronicles, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Accounts, Association, your own envelope, etc. Everything can be incorporated into simple courses with the objective that you can get to them on a tick! Likewise, mates, this next feature is really cool! Furthermore, I don’t think numerous people recognizable it. Type With Voice – You can truly type with your voice. You can just chat with your PC/PC and it’ll type for you.
  • You don’t need to type it. It’s fundamental! Press “Windows+H” and start talking! In addition, the PC will start forming. It’s great times! Do try this component out! Besides, if you’re participating in the video, do hit LIKE! Something different, by and large use “Right-Snap” on envelopes or to sort out images and the sky is the limit from there. I’ve been using Right-Snap from the beginning and we as a whole do it commonly, as to cleanse the reuse holder or eradicate an application. Legacy Right-Snap – Yet as of now, the Right-Snap menu has been smoothed out and various things that you ought to do can’t imaginable as of now. Nevertheless, stress not! The old Right-Snap component can anyway be gotten to! You essentially have to include the part where you really want to Right-Snap, & then, press “Shift+F10”. The old Right-Snap menu will be back as previously!                  Did you know about this? Do endeavor it! Besides, numerous people know this as Microsoft had recently pitched it. Different Workspaces – Just press Windows key+Tab and different windows will jump up. Meaning assuming you want to compartmentalize your work, your own stuff, sight, and sound on different workspaces, then, you can now! You can add many workspaces anyway as you really want now. Not horrible! This is an outstandingly significant component and I use it in my office. You do a lot of playing out various undertakings! You accept that ought to do various things at the same time and you don’t have different screens. You want different windows on a single comparative screen. It’s very basic! Snap Plans – You get 4 particular configurations accepting you float over enhanced images and you can see it.
  • Regardless, you won’t have to use a mouse, you’ll have to use a simple course! Essentially press the Windows key+Up/down/left/right bolt.                                                                                                        Different configurations will change properly like if you press Windows+right bolt, it’ll move aside, etc. So it’s incredibly interesting and important! Likewise, to present different windows in different arrangements then you can use Snap Plans.
  • This is another cool part, and numerous people would use it. There are commonly where our various tabs are open and we really want only 1 of them! However, there are various tabs/windows open in the background. On the off chance that you want to keep a singular window open and cut off the others, Shake To Restrict – It’s an outstandingly easy as far as possible feature, you can shake the incredibly first open window & any excess windows at the back will get restricted. However, remember, this component is turned off obviously and you’ll have to turn it on.
  • Press the Windows key>Type multitasking>Title bar window shake and turn it on.                                What’s more, simply shake the exceptionally first open window and any remaining windows will get limited! Topics – Dull mode/Ordinary mode have all shown up and I like it! To check out the screen in low light, then, at that point, your eyes will not have a lot of issues. There are many topics accessible with a variety of choices. You can modify it totally and granularly as per your variety of inclinations. So you do that at this point! You have some control over the manner in which your work area looks, totally!
  • Go to Settings>Personalization>Themes and peruse the subjects you like and select 1 of them!                 Do you know, the Dynamic revive rate is like you have a versatile invigorate rate on your cell phones, it’s accessible on Windows 11 at this point! Dynamic Revive Rate – In the event that your presentation upholds HDR or a quick revive rate like 120/144Hz, then, at that point, you can utilize it now! Assuming that you go to Showcases, there’s a choice if you need to utilize 144Hz, then you can make it happen. It’s actually smooth! Auto HDR – Yes on the off chance that your presentation upholds it, you can utilize Auto HDR whether you’re altering recordings/gaming. It’s advantageous for top-of-the-line shows. Companions, you need to Remark underneath whether you knew these 10-11 elements about Windows 11! Furthermore, on the off chance that you did, what number of them did you be aware of, and what number of them you didn’t? Anything that it is! Do Remark down beneath! On the off chance that you partook in the blog, do hit LIKE! That is in support of this blog.
  • download window 11 through this link;https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows11

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